This is so hard to share y’all! 😫 I had no idea I was this girl on the left. I worked so hard in the gym, tried several diets and logged everything I ate. I considered myself atheletic.🏃‍♀️

But the scale never moved and my clothes didn’t fit better. I was running, but not getting anywhere.

I needed afternoon coffee just to survive the day. I had zero energy and I just thought that if I could be more strict on my food plans and workouts I’d eventually start to see a difference, but I didn’t.

I also started to dodge cameras because they weren’t capturing the real me.Anyone who knows me knows I love to smile and have THE biggest smile in every picture I take. My eyes virtually disappear!😄

The two pictures were taken on our family vacation a year part. While I worked so hard just to maintain on the status quo on the left, the lady on the right has seen change and is happy, healthy, energetic, confident and looking forward to all God is leading her to!

Reach out if you’re ready to change your health, finances, and outlook! What are you waiting for?



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