Let me tell y’all about this dress. I have had it since March 2015. Got it at an outlet mall in Orlando, Florida. Didn’t try it on, it looked like it would fit and it was the only one there, so I bought it. I think it was like $10! Score! 😉 Sadly, I’ve never been able to wear it until now. I wore it once as a shirt once, with jeans under it and it did not button up below the belly button at all! 😁 I was so self-conscious too because I felt like everyone knew that this was supposed to be a dress and not the long tail shirt I was making it out to be. 🤣

Over the years I considered selling it or giving it away. But it was such a good deal and so cute and it reminded me of our first family vacation so I just decided to keep it. Every now and then I’d try it on and see if it fit any better. It usually did not. To be real, the dress was still tight in the December pic below, but let me tell you that that was a VAST IMPROVEMENT! It used to be tight on my arms, it would not button up. It was just super uncomfortable. After 1 month on my current health plan (started this journey on Nov. 5th), I was able to BUTTON UP the dress. I couldn’t believe it! I have not been perfect on this journey and I still have some ways to go. I am learning how to live a healthy lifestyle but I am so proud to say that TODAY the dress fits! And I think I can sit down without busting a button! I just want to encourage somebody today not to throw away the dress. Don’t trash the pants! Those skinny jeans. With a plan and the right habits, you will wear them again! I hope that this inspires someone not to give up! If you need help on your health journey, reach out to me via the form below.

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