Breakdown before Breakthrough Part 2

Breakdown before Breakthrough. This is something I’m come to believe. We shouldn’t expect negative things to happen before something good. But sometimes, when your whole world feels like it’s falling apart, and the world seems to be against you, when you are pressed in at every side, that’s usually when the breakthrough is on its […]

Make a Choice – Mindset shift in Making Healthy Choices while Eating Out

Here’s a little advice and encouragement for making healthy choices while eating out (more on this on my free mini health & weight loss course). Jay got back from a work trip last night and asked me out to dinner. I said “Nope, I’m on my plan” and he says, “Well you can just come […]

Give Honor Where Honor is Due

Can I just say how thankful I am for this lady right here?! Where do I start? This wonderful lady sponsored my husband and me to go on a Christian retreat that radically changed our lives. She paid out of her own pocket for both of us to go. I felt weight and blinders fall […]

Getting Fit as a Busy Mommy

Where there’s a will, there’s a way The challenge to stay active along with responsibilities like work and family is ever looming. When you’re single you can find the time to work out everyday if you’d like. But when you’re a mommy you have to provide and nurture and we often forget that you need […]